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Are you a student interested in using the TCTS?

The TCTS authors welcome research collaboration with interested professionals and graduate students. 


In coordination with your faculty advisor, we are happy to:

  • assist with multi-site coordination for gathering data

  • provide training on administration and scoring

  • serve as dissertation committee members

In participating in TCTS research, past students have:

  • developed research skills

  • received co-authorship on conference presentations 

  • completed masters theses and doctoral dissertations


Some student-involved TCTS research topics have included:

  • Cultural differences in body image shame

  • TCTS construct and discriminant validity

  • Shame in anorexia nervousa

  • Shame, aggression and empathy

  • Shame and negative body image in females

  • Shame in adolescent male sex offenders

  • Shame, narcissistic injury and depression

  • The role of shame in adolescent victim and bully behaviors

  • Shame in women who experience domestic violence

  • Shame and persistent mental illness

  • Does shame have a critical developmental period?

  • Shame in adolescence

  • Shame as a mediator between parental maltreatment and interpersonal violence

  • Adolescent shame-based responses toward obesity

  • Measuring shame through physiological reactions using EEG

  • Shame and masculinity

Students have presented TCTS research at the following conferences:

  • American Psychological Association

  • International Neuropsychological Society

  • National Multicultural Summit

  • Western Psychological Association


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