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TCTS Research

The TCTS authors welcome your interest in using our test for research!  We would be happy to support your individual efforts, and collaborate on projects if you wish.   

If you have graduate students, please view the research page for students.

Previous research has examined:

  • TCTS construct and discriminant validity in adults and teens

  • Shame and social desirability

  • The relationship between empathy and shame

  • Gender differences in experiencing shame

  • Shame in anorexia nervosa

  • Cultural differences in body image shame

  • Shame and negative body image in females

  • Adolescent shame-based responses toward obesity

  • Shame in adolescent male sex offenders

  • Shame, aggression and empathy

  • Shame and depression

  • The role of shame in adolescent victim and bully behaviors

  • Shame in women who experience domestic violence

  • Shame and persistent mental illness

  • Does shame have a critical developmental period?

  • Shame in adolescence

  • Shame as a mediator between parental maltreatment and interpersonal violence

  • Measuring shame through physiological reactions using EEG

  • Shame and masculinity 


If you do collect data, present at conferences and publish articles - drop us a line to let us know!

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